Placing Arterial Lines Like a Pro (radial and femoral) | Behind the Knife – Bedside Procedures Ep 3


Some arteries can be TINY, but no matter how small, you can nail those arterial lines if you watch my video! If you haven’t already seen our video on Ultrasound-Guided Access, consider watching that first!

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Intro: (0:00)
–Starting with the RADIAL art line–
Equipment: (1:11)
Positioning: (2:59)
Procedural Steps: (4:10)
Troubleshooting: (6:08)
FEMORAL art line: (7:46)
Setting up art line tubing: (8:59)
Outro: (10:40)

Supplies you should gather:
PPE (including gown, gloves, headgear, eyepro)
Towel and tape, or wrist splint, for positioning
Ultrasound and probe cover
Prep stick and drape
Arterial line inetgrated “dart”, or traditional micropuncture with wire and catheter

Key Steps of the Procedure (assuming you are using a dart):
Infiltrate local anesthesia
Use ultrasound to guide dart down to vessel
See blood enter flash chamber
Slide wire all the way down using the black tab
Advance catheter off the needle and over the wire
Withdraw dart and hook up arterial line tubing

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