Behind the Knife Suture Practice Kit + Knot Tying Simulator: Port Site Closure


This video series includes how-to videos from the Behind the Knife team for right and left-handed learners. Worried about your performance in the operating room? Don’t be! These videos cover everything you need to know with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. From two-handed knot tying to a running subcuticular stitch to closing a laparoscopic port site, we’ve got your back (lefties too).

The suture kit contains everything you need to hone your surgical skills, including high-quality surgical instruments, multiple different kinds of suture, and a best-in-class suture pad. The Knot Tying Simulator is designed for beginners and for those with more advanced skills.
The simulator includes a free-standing hook ideal for high repetition knot tying practice, a hook set within a cylinder to replicate tying knots in a deep body cavity, and adjustable bands to simulate tying knots under tension.

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