Episode 258

Pediatric Surgery Week #2: Global Surgery with Dr. Ford

EP. 258 •

Nov 13, 2019

• 45 MIN

Pediatric Surgery Week #2: Global Surgery with Dr. Ford


Continuing in our interview of leaders in pediatric surgery we sat down with Dr. Henri Ford to talk about his life, career, and spectacular work in Haiti. Check out our other interviews with leaders in global surgery when you’re done! http://behindtheknife.libsyn.com/global-surgery-with-dr-john-meara-and-dr-mark-shrime http://behindtheknife.libsyn.com/global-surgery-part-ii-with-dr-robert-riviello http://behindtheknife.libsyn.com/global-surgery-in-a-civil-war-zone-with-doctors-without-borders-dr-james-peck http://behindtheknife.libsyn.com/149-lifebox-and-safe-surgery-with-dr-alex-haynes

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