Clinical Challenges in Hernia Surgery: Loss of Domain

EP. 633Jun. 29, 202339:25
In their BTK debut, the Hernia team from Carolinas Medical Center discusses how to approach a hernia patient with loss of domain. This Clinical Challenges episode reviews strategies that optimize patients and provide them with the best chance of fascial closure. So, tune in, and enjoy a data driven conversation with our newest hernia enthusiasts! 

- Sullivan "Sully" Ayuso, MD - PGY4 General Surgery Resident,, Carolinas Medical Center 
- Monica Polcz, MD - Clinical Fellow (PGY-8) in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction,, Carolinas Medical Center 
- Vedra Augenstein, MD FACS - Associate Professor of Surgery (11 years in practice),, Carolinas Medical Center B 
- Todd Heniford, MD FACS - Professor of Surgery (25 years in practice),, Carolinas Medical Center

Links to articles:
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