In-Flight Emergencies

EP. 727Feb. 26, 202433:18
Do the words “Is there a doctor on board” fill you with anxiety? For Dr. Thomas Doyle, responding to in flight medical events is just another day at the office. As the medical director for STAT-MD, him and his team provide on the ground consultation for passengers experiencing medical events at 35,000 feet. In this episode we talk about what events are most common, what equipment is on board, what are the rules/regulations around providing medical assistance, and what ground consultation services like STAT-MD can help offer to you so you’re never alone if you hear that phrase “Is there a doctor on board?”

Thomas J. Doyle, MD, MPH- Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine- University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; Medical Director, STAT-MD
Jessica Millar, MD- General Surgery Resident- University of Michigan; Education Fellow- Behind the Knife
Major John McClellan, MD- Acute Care and Trauma Surgeon- University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

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