Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)- They’re Here, Now What

EP. 649Aug. 10, 202350:22
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
Entrustable Professional Activities, or EPAs, is a term you may have heard…or maybe not.  EPAs represent a tectonic shift in surgical training and how residents will be evaluated. So, what are EPAs?  How will they affect you?  And what do you need to know? We sat down with Dr. George Sarosi, previous member of the ABS EPA Advisory Council and current General Surgery Residency Program Director at the University of Florida, to answer all of our questions now that EPAs are here. 

George Sarosi, MD- Professor of Surgery and General Surgery Residency Program Director- University of Florida
Patrick Georgoff, MD- Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care- WakeMed Hospital; Co-director and Host of Behind the Knife
Jessica Millar, MD- General Surgery Resident- University of Michigan; Education Fellow- Behind the Knife
Daniel Scheese, MD- General Surgery Resident- Virginia Commonwealth University; Education Fellow- Behind the Knife

Helpful Websites: 
Resources Page
- ABS EPA resources page for Programs and Trainees:
- FAQs about EPAs and the ABS EPA Project (continuously updated so be sure to check back periodically):
- ABS EPA Program Timeline for program engagement (includes webinars, suggestions for activities for programs to consider, and an expected timeframe for the distribution of additional implementation resources):
- Checklists for Program directors/Residency administrators/Faculty ( and for Residents ( to guide and sequence implementation priorities and timing
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