Mattox Vegas TCCACS 2022: Ep. 1

EP. 485Apr. 25, 202258:07
The Trauma, Critical Care, and Acute Care Surgery conference (aka the MATTOX conference, named after trauma surgery legend Kenneth L Mattox) is the longest running show in Las Vegas at 55 consecutive years.  The MATTOX conference is unique in its focus on clinical topics.  Every talk, every panel, and every case discussion is relevant and practical.  Join Behind the Knife as we use case-based discussions to hammer home key points from lectures given by some of the biggest names in trauma, critical care, and acute care surgery.  This is episode 1 of 2.  

The lineup:  
  1. Dennis Kim, MD (@traumaicurounds, check out his amazing podcast here:
  2. Ali Salim, MD (@alisalimMD) 
  3. Jason Smith, MD (@DrJTrauma) 
  4. Andre Campbell, MD (@TraumaDocSF)
  5. Meghan Lewis, MD  
  6. Demetrios Demetriades, MD 
  7. Alexander Eastman, MD (@PMHTrauma_ALE) 
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