Clinical Challenges in Colorectal Surgery: Management of Horseshoe Abscess

EP. 667Oct. 12, 202335:35
You have a young patient with a horseshoe abscess. How should you address the abscess initially? What is the best approach to drain it? Now that it is drained, what do I do with all the drains? Tune in to figure out how to best approach the most challenging of perianal abscesses. 

Join Drs. Peter Marcello, Jonathan Abelson, Tess Aulet and special guest Dr. Julia Saraidaridis as they discuss the management of horseshoe abscess and complicated perianal fistula. 

Learning Objectives
1. Describe the evaluation for perianal abscesses and fistula. 
2. Discuss the different surgical options in managing horseshoe abscesses and post operative care to definitive management
3. Explain the rationale behind use of different fistula surgeries in complex perianal fistulas

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