Ultrasound-Guided Access (IVs, Lines) | Behind the Knife – Bedside Procedures Bonus Episode


Before you can do things like a central line or a radial arterial line, you need to know how to use the ultrasound to poke a needle into things!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: I demonstrate accessing vessels with short-axis view (like taking a slice through a bread loaf, if the bread is the vessel). You can also access vessels with long-axis view (like cutting a hot-dog in half the long way). I do not recommend this approach because you can’t see structures lateral to the vessel, and it is also difficult to keep the needle in plane with the ultrasound window.

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Intro: (0:00)
Learn about the ultrasound: (1:06)
Getting access with the needle: (3:37)
Outro: (5:52)

Please watch: “How to Do a Central Line (Central Venous Catheter) – Behind the Knife – Bedside Procedures Episode 2 ”

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