Innovations in Surgery: Artificial Intelligence

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Innovations in Surgery: Artificial Intelligence
Oct. 23, 202202:39
This video supplements our podcast episode titled "Innovations in Surgery: Artificial Intelligence ".
This video is an example of the application of artificial intelligence in the OR. Daniel Hashimoto is assistant professor of surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Penn Computer Assisted Surgery and Outcomes (PCASO) Laboratory. He received his MD and MS in translational research from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his general surgery training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he was also associate director of research of the Surgical AI & Innovation Laboratory. He is vice-chair and co-founder of the Global Surgical AI Collaborative, a nonprofit that oversees and manages a global data-sharing and analytics platform for surgical data. His work focuses on the use of computer vision for the delivery of intraoperative decision support and assessment of surgical performance. He is editor of the textbook Artificial Intelligence in Surgery: Understanding the Role of AI in Surgical Practice, which provides a nontechnical foundation on key concepts in artificial intelligence as it applies to surgical care. Please visit to access other high-yield surgical education podcasts, videos, and more.