Behind The Knife's General Surgery Oral Board Review course

General Surgery Oral Board Audio Review

Our general surgery oral board review course includes 92 scenarios that meticulously cover 115 SCORE core topics. Each scenario includes two parts. The first part is a perfectly executed general surgery board scenario that mimics the real thing. Scenarios are 5 to 7 minutes long and include a variety of tactics and styles. If you are able to achieve this level of performance in your preparation you are sure to pass the oral exam with flying colors. The second part introduces high-yield commentary to each scenario. This commentary includes tips and tricks to help you dominate the most challenging scenarios in addition to practical, easy-to-understand teaching that covers the most confusing topics we face as general surgeons. We are confident you will find this unique, dual format approach a highly effective way to prepare for the general surgery oral board exam.


“This was great. Having the ability to play in the car and on the go was perfect. I love that the cases were perfectly executed compared to other courses this was much less confusing. I like the real time feedback scenarios and being able to pause and take notes and resume. This was literally phenomenal. The value compared to others was amazing- so inexpensive compared to others yet better!”

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“Brilliant format with exceptional commentary. The absolute BEST oral boards review out there!”

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“Just felt compelled to message you that my wife and I (also a recent surgery graduate) exclusively used the BTK premium oral board prep for our recent oral boards and both passed easily. It was amazing and no other prep sources needed for us to pass. Thanks so much.”

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“It is very helpful for my learning to hear oral boards scenarios with perfect answers. Listening to scenarios where the answer may not be correct and the examiner does not intervene makes me worried that I will learn incorrect information. BTKs format and approach is truly welcomed and is the best tool we have available.”

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“BTK – Just wanted to let you guys know that I recently passed my general surgery oral boards! The BTK premium content was worth every penny and contribute greatly to my success.”

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“Just wanted to say your program was just what I needed to prepare for the oral boards. I felt confident going into the exam and passed my exam. The commentary during the scenarios were excellent! Keep up the excellent work!”

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General Surgery Oral Board Audio Review

Our Oral Board Audio Review includes 96 scenarios that meticulously cover 115 SCORE core topics designed specifically to help you dominate the oral boards.