Who Should Manage Vascular Trauma? A Debate.

EP. 326Nov. 16, 202042:12

“Who Should Manage Vascular Trauma?”

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Vascular Surgery

Dr. Benjamin Starnes

Dr. Starnes is a Professor of Vascular Surgery, Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery and Vice Chair of the Department of Surgery for UW Medicine. Additionally he is a former military surgeon with combat experience.


Dr. Westley Ohman

Dr. Ohman is an Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery at Barnes-Jewish Hospital which is a level 1 trauma center where he is routinely involved in the care of complex vascular trauma.


Trauma Surgery

Dr. Tanya Zakrison is an Associate Professor of Surgery and a Trauma and Acute care surgeon at the University of Chicago medical center, which is a level 1 trauma center.

Dr. Matthew Martin is a Professor of Surgery at Scripps Medical Center in San Diego, a former Army Surgeon who is recognized as a leader in trauma care, and has served on 5 combat deployments.


Dr. Dennis Kim is an Associate Professor of Surgery and an Acute Care and Trauma Surgeon at UCLA School of Medicine and is the host of the podcast Trauma ICU rounds

Dr. Kevin Kniery is a vascular surgeon at Brooke Army Medical Center.