UK-REBOA Trial with Dr. Karim Brohi

EP. 721Feb. 05, 202435:16
REBOA is one spicy meatball!   On this episode, Drs. Nina Clark and Patrick Georgoff discuss the landmark UK-REBOA trial with Dr. Karim Brohi.  This is the first randomized controlled trial studying REBOA and provides invaluable information about its potential indications.   

Dr. Karim Brohi is a trauma and vascular surgeon at the Royal London Major Trauma Centre and director of the London Major Trauma System, which is the largest integrated urban trauma system in the world and manages over 33,000 injuries a year.  He studied at University College of London where he obtained degrees in both computer science and medicine.  Dr. Brohi went on to train in general surgery, vascular surgery, and anesthesia/critical care in the UK and trauma surgery in Cape Town and San Francisco.  He is a prolific researcher and has led multiple large clinical trials. 

Link to UK-REBOA paper:

BIG T Trauma episode 290 covers potential indications, placement, and complications of REBOA:


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