Pelvic Exenteration Surgery Series Episode 4: Reconstruction and Recovery

EP. 718Jan. 25, 202434:52
Join Professor Michael Solomon, Dr Kilian Brown and Dr Jacob Waller from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia, for this special four part series on pelvic exenteration surgery for locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer. Learn about these ultra-radical procedures which go beyond the traditional TME planes that we learn during surgical training, and into all compartments of the pelvis.

Episode 4 outlines the complex perineal and soft tissue, urological, bone and vascular reconstructions that may be required as part of these multi-visceral resections, as well as how to approach challenging postoperative complications.

Each episode in this series features a different international guest surgeon. In episode 4, the RPA team are joined by A/Prof Gabrielle van Ramshorst from the Ghent University Hospital, Belgium.

Technical descriptions:

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