Journal Review in Thoracic Surgery: Lobar vs Sublobar Resection for Stage 1A NSCLC – CALGB & JCOG

EP. 688Dec. 07, 202348:10
In this episode our team reviews the two groundbreaking RCTs which challenged the long-held dogma that a lobectomy is the only acceptable oncologic procedure for NSCLC. Listen as we compare and contrast the North American CALGB trial and Japanese JCOG trial which were both designed to investigate survival and recurrence outcomes by randomizing stage 1A patients to lobectomy versus a sublobar resection.

Learning Objectives:
-Compare and contrast the patient characteristics of the CALGB and JCOG trials
-Understand the methodology each trial and be able to explain their nuanced differences
-Analyze the results of the CALGB and JCOG trials and how they apply to patients today

Kelly Daus MD, Peter White MD, Eric Vallieres, MD and Brian Louie MD

Referenced Material
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