Journal Review in Surgical Education: Unions and Wellness

EP. 600Mar. 06, 202341:49
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
How do we actually improve wellness?  How do surgery trainees advocate for themselves as both learners and employees?  In this final surgical education episode with Matt Chia MD MS and Karl Bilimoria MD MS, we review two articles discussing unions and wellness in surgical training.  We’re joined by Meg Smith MD MS, Brian Brajcich MD MS, and Darci Foote MD MS to tackle this difficult topic and open the discussion for what’s next in surgical education.

Learning Objectives:

·       Identify potential benefits and limitations of unionization in surgery training

·       Describe strategies used by program leadership to improve wellness in surgery


National Evaluation of the Association Between Resident Labor Union Participation and Surgical Resident Well-being 

How Program Directors Understand General Surgery Resident Wellness - 

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