Journal Review in Surgical Education: Gender Representation in Surgery

EP. 487May. 02, 202245:42
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
The landscape of surgery is shifting, reflecting the diverse composition of graduating medical students and the efforts to recruit the most talented people into the field.  It is one thing to have a diverse group of people within surgery, but it is an entirely different thing to ensure a welcoming, supportive environment for them.  In this Journal Club episode, we review these topics from the perspective of eminent surgeons Drs. Caprice and Jake Greenberg, who share with us their insights on recent articles examining the experience of women surgeons and trainees.  We’re joined by Dr. Cary Schlick, who authored one of these articles, to shed light on a key issue for the field. 

Learning Objectives:
·       Identify some of the challenges for women in surgical training programs
·       Discuss how stereotype threat can impact performance
·       Suggest ways to advocate for equity in surgery

Experiences of Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Among Residents in General Surgery Programs Across the US -
Effects of Gender Bias and Stereotypes in Surgical Training: A Randomized Clinical Trial -
Gender Bias and Stereotypes in Surgical Training: Is It Really Women Residents We Need to Worry About? -
The effect of gender on operative autonomy in general surgery residents -

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