Journal Review in Minimally Invasive Surgery: Robotic Emergency General Surgery

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Minimally Invasive
Have you transitioned a portion of your practice to the robot, but would be hesitant to book an urgent/call case on the robot? Have you wondered if the robot might be useful in your emergency or acute care surgery practice? Join University of Washington MIS Surgeons, Drs. Andrew Wright, Nicole White, and Nick Cetrulo, and Resident Drs. Ben Vierra and Paul Herman as they discuss the growing use of the robot for acute cases and provide tips on appropriate case selection. 

1.     Andrew Wright, UW Medical Center – Montlake and Northwest, @andrewswright 
2.     Nick Cetrulo, UW Medical Center - Northwest, @Trules25 
3.     Nicole White, UW Medical Center - Northwest 
4.     Paul Herman, UW General Surgery Resident PGY-3, @paul_herm 
5.     Ben Vierra, UW General Surgery Resident PGY-2 

Learning objectives:  
- Describe the importance of the MIS approach in EGS 
- Review 3 articles on robotic EGS outcomes 
1) Robotic surgery in emergency setting: 2021 WSES position paper 
2) Emergent robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for perforated gastrojejunal ulcers: a retrospective cohort study of 44 patients 
3) Urgent robotic subtotal colectomy for severe acute ulcerative colitis has comparable periop outcomes to laparoscopic surgery 
- Discuss factors influencing appropriate case selection for urgent/emergent robotic cases 
- Discuss value as it pertains to robotic EGS 

1.     Havens JM, Peetz AB, Do WS, Cooper Z, Kelly E, Askari R, Reznor G, Salim A. The excess morbidity and mortality of emergency general surgery. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2015 Feb;78(2):306-11. doi: 10.1097/TA.0000000000000517. PMID: 25757115. 
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