Journal Review in Hernia Surgery: Smoking in Elective Open Ventral Hernia Repair

EP. 663Sep. 28, 202326:58
How do you counsel the patient with a large painful hernia who still smokes a pack of cigarettes every day? Join Drs. Michael Rosen, Clayton Petro, Sara Maskal, and Ryan Ellis as they discuss some of the highlights in the literature on smoking and its impact on postoperative outcomes in elective, clean open ventral hernia repairs. 

- Michael Rosen, Cleveland Clinic
- Clayton Petro, Cleveland Clinic
- Sara Maskal, Cleveland Clinic
- Ryan Ellis, Cleveland Clinic, @ryanellismd

Learning objectives: 
- Evaluate historical data on smoking in surgery
- Compare with newer literature specific to contemporary ventral hernia repairs
- Understand how the historical and new data can be applied in clinical practice

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