Journal Review in Endocrine Surgery: The Great Debate of UCLA Endocrine Surgery

EP. 472Mar. 10, 202246:56
In this episode from the Endocrine Surgery team at BTK we go through three controversial topics in endocrine surgery and cite pertinent articles during a lively debate format. We debate the role of four-gland exploration versus focused exploration for parathyroid disease. Indications for parathyroidectomy are hotly contested. And finally, we discuss the role and relevance of using a nerve monitor. Tune in to see if Dr. Yeh and Dr. Wu remain collegiate after recording this episode… 
Dr. Michael Yeh is a Professor of Surgery at UCLA and serves as Section Chief of the UCLA Endocrine Surgery program which he established. 

Dr. Masha Livhits is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at UCLA and works in the Endocrine Surgery Department 

Dr. James Wu is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at UCLA and works in the Endocrine Surgery Department 

Dr. Vivek Sant is an Endocrine Surgery Fellow at UCLA in his first year of fellowship

Dr. Rivfka Shenoy is a PGY-5 General Surgery Resident at UCLA who has completed two years of research 

Dr. Max Schumm is a PGY-5 General Surgery Resident at UCLA who has completed two years of research. He is a future endocrine surgeon. 

Important Papers 

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