Journal Review in Colorectal Surgery: Timing of Biologics and Surgery in the Setting of Crohn’s Disease

EP. 511Jul. 21, 202230:44
You get consulted on a 34-year-old with ileocolic Crohn’s disease on Humira. You determine he needs surgery for recurrent partial obstructions. When do you do the surgery? How long should he be off his biologic medication? When to restart it post op? Join Drs. Abelson, Marcello and Aulet as they take us through two articles to help us figure it out!

Learning Objectives:
1.     Describe the complications of biologic medications in the peri-operative period
2.     List the different classifications of medications for Crohn’s disease
3.     Discuss the approach to managing timing of surgery for patients with crohn’s disease

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