Journal Review in Colorectal Surgery: Management of Perineal Wounds Following Pelvic Surgery

EP. 698Dec. 21, 202325:29
There is more than one way to plug a hole… 

Perineal wounds after pelvic surgery can be challenging to manage. It is important for surgeons to have a general understanding of upfront reconstruction options and strategies to deal with the sequence of wound failure. Join Drs. Galandiuk, Bolshinsky, Kavalukas, and Simon as they discuss the management of perineal wounds following pelvic surgery.

- Susan Galandiuk MD, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, @DCREdInChief
- Vladimir Bolshinsky MD, Peninsula Health, Victoria, Australia, @bolshinskyv
- Sandy Kavalukas MD, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, @sandykava
- Hillary Simon DO, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, @HillaryLSimon

- Manasa Sunkara MS3, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, @manasasunkara12

Learning objectives: 
- Review perineal reconstruction options after pelvic surgery for anorectal pathology.
- Understand management strategies for perineal wound breakdown. 
- Discuss the importance of critical appraisal of studies surrounding perineal wound reconstruction and management.  

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