Intern Bootcamp - The First Day

EP. 634Jun. 30, 202315:43
Medical Student
Medical Student
Buckle up, PGY-1’s! Intern year is starting whether you’re ready or not. Don’t fret, BTK has your back to make sure you dominate the first year of residency. 

First up, the first day of intern year. 

Hosts: Shanaz Hossain, Nina Clark

Tips for new interns:
    1. Name badge
    2. Scrubs, white coat, and extra clinic clothes
    3. Comfortable shoes - even on clinic days
    4. Pager
    5. Phone
    6. Pen
    7. Bonus stuff that’s good to keep in your bag: Snacks, extras of everything, toothbrusth/toothpaste/deodorant, suture 
    1. Preround purposefully and systematically 
      1. Look at the same things in the same order every day on every patient
      2. Write data in the same physical location on your sheet so you can quickly find information on the fly 
    2. Keep track of to-do’s from rounds
      1. Check box system: 
        1. Nina’s system: empty = not done, half full = ordered/needs follow up, full = completely done and followed up on 
        2. Don’t forget to look at the results of imaging studies, labs, or consults after they are entered! 
      2. Prioritize urgent/emergent things first, then consults and discharges, then routine orders, then notes
        1. As you get more efficient, start drafting your notes as you pre-round – it will save you lots of time later in the afternoon! 
    1. During the day, be ready to shift your priorities as urgent issues arise. 
    2. Develop a system for remembering what happened after rounds so you can quickly update seniors 
      1. Shanaz’s system: One color for AM rounds, a different color for afternoon events
    3. Load the boat! Your team is there to help you. If you are concerned about someone or have a question, ask. There is truly no better time than as an intern. 
      1. Master the art of getting your seniors’ attention in the OR - be conscientious, be clear in what you’re asking, and be prepared to report back about urgent findings! 

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