Episode 637

Intern Bootcamp – Consults

EP. 637 •

Jul 5

• 13 MIN

Intern Bootcamp – Consults


Buckle up, PGY-1’s! Intern year is starting whether you’re ready or not. Don’t fret, BTK has your back to make sure you dominate the first year of residency. 
This episode, we’ll talk about how to give and receive consults in the hospital like a pro. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make those long call days a little more manageable.
Hosts: Shanaz Hossain, Nina Clark
Tips for New Interns: 
  • Clear and Concise Question!
  • Develop a script, such as:
    • “Hi, this is XX with the general surgery team. We’re calling to request an evaluation for a patient presenting with XX. I can give you the MRN whenever you are ready…”
    • Follow this with a brief H&P.
  • If you are asking another team to perform a procedure on your patient, be prepared with the following information:
    • NPO Status
    • Ability to Consent or Proxy Contact
    • Blood Thinners
    • Urgency of Procedure
  • Make sure you are clear on what the team is asking of you as a consultant.
  • Clarify if the patient is expecting to receive a surgery before talking to them about an operation!
  • Quickly gather information about the patient and their hospital course from the consultant, electronic medical record, and, most importantly, the patient!
  • Note the callback number on the primary team and call them with the plan after you have staffed the patient with your attending.
  • If you are asked to perform a procedure as a consultant, clarify the following information:
    • NPO Status
    • Ability to Consent or Proxy Contact
    • Blood Thinners
    • Urgency of Procedure
  • Develop a system to stay organized and keep track of your to-do list with consults!
  • Bring a survival bag with toothbrush/toothpaste, face wash, deodorant, change of clothes, etc to reset.
  • Try to nap when you can, but:
    • PM round to address non-urgent pages ahead of time
    • Set alarms!
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