Innovations in Surgery: LifeFlow

EP. 642Jul. 17, 202341:07
In the fourth episode of the “Innovation in Surgery” series, Drs. Patrick Georgoff and Dan Scheese sit down with Dr. Mark Piehl to discuss his innovation, LifeFlow. Additionally, Dr. Piehl covers multiple other topics in this episode, including circulation-first resuscitation and the process of innovation from the physician’s perspective.

410 Medical Website:

Reel Emergency trauma podcast:

Prehospital emergency care case report from the episode:

Dr. Piehl’s Resuscitation review article:

Dr. Piehl’s Shock article on circulation-first resuscitation in trauma:

Preliminary data on prehospital trauma resuscitation with LifeFlow (Larger version of this with historical controls to be presented at AAST):

“Unraveling the Fluid Confusion in Sepsis” webinar:

Dr. Mark Piehl is a pediatric critical care physician at WakeMed in Raleigh, NC, and a Medical Director with the WakeMed Mobile Critical Care transport team.  Mark is also Founder and Chief Medical Officer of 410 Medical, a company focused on improving resuscitation in shock, sepsis, and trauma.  He previously served as Medical Director of the WakeMed Children's Hospital and Director of Pediatrics at WakeMed.  He has numerous Department of Defense grants funding the development of technology to improve trauma care. Mark is also Founder of the Samaritan Health Center, a clinic for the homeless and uninsured in Durham, NC.

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