How you can DOMINATE the surgery clerkship

EP. 390Jul. 29, 202133:38
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
Medical students - do you want to DOMINATE your surgery clerkship?  Of course you do!  Tune in and find out how.  In this episode we introduce Behind the Knife’s 5 Principles for Clerkship DOMINATION, we hear from clerkship directors at top-notch surgery programs around the country, and we review the primary learning environments in surgery and how you can excel in each of these environments.  

Hosts: Drs. Patrick Georgoff (@georgoff) and Amir Motameni (@motameniA)

Special guests: Drs. Gifty Kwakye, Luigi Pascarella, Mackenzie Cook, and Alodia Gabre-Kidan. 

Behind the Knife’s 5 Principles for Clerkship DOMINATION: 

1.  Be prepared
2. Take a proactive role in your education
3. Show enthusiasm and be engaged
4. Give quality presentations with thoughtful assessments and plans
5. Seek out feedback and incorporate it into what you do.

Systems based surgery plan:

•Neuro: Pain control, unneeded narcotics, sleep, home psych meds 
•Cardiovascular: HR, BP, home cardiac meds
•Pulmonary: Supplemental O2, pulmonary toilet (e.g. incentive spirometry), home inhalers
•GI: Diet, return of bowel function, bowel regimen, ostomy care
•GU/FEN: Urine output, foley catheter, IV fluids, electrolytes 
•Endocrine: Blood glucose
•ID: Identify and treat infections, duration of antibiotics 
•Heme: DVT chemoprophylaxis, anemia
•Skin: Wound care, pressure ulcers
•MSK: Activity restrictions, out of bed, PT/OT
•Lines: Central line, arterial line
•Disposition: PT/OT, social work, case management