EAST Papers That Should Change Your Practice

EP. 590Feb. 02, 202342:52
Did you miss this year’s Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma meeting?  Don’t sweat it!  Behind the Knife has got you covered.  In this episode we discuss “Scientific Papers that Should Change Your Practice” with EAST manuscript and literature committee members Drs. Laura Brown (@laurarbrownMD), Brittany Bankhead (@bbankheadMD), and Julia Coleman (@juliacolemanMD).  

Universal blunt cerebrovascular screening?  Early renal replacement therapy?  Artificial intelligence in emergency general surgery?  This episode is PACKED with high-yield material.  

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Papers discussed: 
1.     Do not forget the platelets: The independent impact of red blood cell to platelet ratio on mortality in massively transfused trauma patients (
2.     The 35-mm rule to guide pneumothorax management: Increases appropriate observation and decreases unnecessary chest tubes (
3.     Timing of thromboprophylaxis in patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injuries undergoing nonoperative management (
4.     Universal screening for blunt cerebrovascular injury (
5.     A three-step support strategy for relatives of patients during in the intensive care unit: a cluster randomized trial (
6.     Hypothermia versus Normothermia after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (
7.     Timing of Initiation of Renal-Replacement Therapy in Acute Kidney Injury (
8.     Disparities in Spatial Access to Emergency Surgical Services in the US (
9.     Validation of the AI-based Predictive Optimal Trees in Emergency Surgery Risk (POTTER) Calculator in Patients 65 Years and Older (
10.  Accuracy of Risk Estimation for Surgeons Versus Risk Calculators in Emergency General Surgery (

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