Episode 528

Clinical Challenges in Transplant Surgery: Heart & Liver Transplant

EP. 528 •

Sep 19, 2022

• 22 MIN

Clinical Challenges in Transplant Surgery: Heart & Liver Transplant


In this episode we discuss two interesting cases in transplant surgery. In the first, we review a case in which a renal cell carcinoma was discovered during the backbench portion of a deceased donor kidney transplant procedure. In the second, we examine the unique challenges that are presented by simultaneous heart-liver transplantation.
Learning Objectives:
– Discuss renal cell carcinoma in the immunosuppressed patient
– Review some of the logistical components that accompany dual organ transplants
– Examine the clinical challenge of a heart-liver transplant
– Megan Lombardi, MD
– Sasha McEwan, MD
– Guilherme de Oliveira, MD
– Alexander Toledo, MD
– David Gerber, MD

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