Clinical Challenges in Thoracic Surgery: Complex Pleural Effusions & Empyema - Part 1 of 2

EP. 650Aug. 14, 202327:59
In this two-part episode our team debates management of complex pleural effusions and empyema. Our surgical team is joined by Dr. Jed Gorden, an interventional pulmonologist, as we explore the nuances of deciding on fibrinolytic therapy (part 1) versus surgical management (part 2).

Learning Objectives:

-Discuss the pros and cons of small bore versus large bore chest tubes for complex pleural effusions 
-Review the evidence for fibrinolytic therapy for management of complex pleural effusions
-Describe the surgical management of a complex pleural effusion including VATS, open thoracotomy, empyema tube, Eloesser flap, and Clagett window
-Create a framework for shared-decision making with patients regarding management of a complex pleural effusion


Kelly Daus MD, Peter White MD, Jed Gorden, MD and Brian Louie MD

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