Clinical Challenges in Surgical Education: Pregnancy and Parenthood

EP. 414Nov. 01, 202137:45
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
Tick tock tick tock, 5 min is up! There is a plus sign on the testing stick. And you are…. Pregnant! Congratulations??? Join Drs. Erika Rangel, Eugene Kim, Yue-yung Hu, and Debbie Li as they discuss the challenges surgeons and trainees face as they navigate through pregnancy and parenthood. 

Learning objectives:
In this episode, we learn about the personal experiences including the good, the bad, and the ugly behind pregnancy and parenthood. We discuss about the stigma faced and experienced by many surgeons and trainees, and most importantly, ways we can support our current and future trainees to navigate this deeply personal and should be celebrated occasion in their life. 

Incidence of Infertility and Pregnancy Complications in US Female Surgeons
Pregnancy and Motherhood During Surgical Training -
Perspectives of US General Surgery Program Directors on Cultural and Fiscal Barriers to Maternity Leave and Postpartum Support During Surgical Training -
Factors Associated With Residency and Career Dissatisfaction in Childbearing Surgical Residents -

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