Clinical Challenges in Surgical Education: Precision Surgical Education

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Surgical Education
Surgical Education
As we move towards a model of Competency-Based Surgical Education, individualization of training may be needed. How can we get the right education to the right trainee at the right time? How can we link education to actual patient outcomes? Precision education aims to do just that, while leveraging technology, data, and analytics to decrease burden on assessors. While this approach offers a lot of promise to advance surgical education, it can be difficult to conceptualize how this would be implemented in practice. We’re joined by an expert in the field of precision medical education, Dr. Jesse Burk-Rafel, to break down what precision education is and how it might integrate into our current system of surgical education

Join hosts Nicole Brooks MD, Judith French PhD, and Jeremy Lipman MD, MHPE for this exciting conversation with Jesse Burk-Rafel MD.

Learning Objectives

1.     Listeners will define precision education.
2.     Listeners will describe examples of how precision medical or surgical education is being used currently. 
3.     Listeners will explain barriers that must be addressed with the implementation of precision surgical education, including bias and issues with data sharing. 
4.     Listeners will consider how precision surgical education will evolve, including possible use within their own institution to completement competency-based surgical education.


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