Clinical Challenges in Surgical Education: Ob/Gyn ResidencyCAS - Creation of a New Independent Residency Application System

EP. 673Nov. 02, 202328:45
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
Challenges continue to plague the residency application process, with programs receiving increased application volume that makes holistic review difficult, and medical student applicants burdened with application costs and uncertainty about what programs best align with their values. As a specialty, Ob/Gyn is facing these problems head on, and have united within their field to create a new independent residency application system, ResidencyCAS. While substantial changes to an already stressful process can be intimidating, the new platform offers many advantages that hope to improve the residency application experience for applicants, programs, and the Ob/Gyn community as a whole. We’re joined by Dr. Maya Hammoud and Dr. AnnaMarie Connolly, two of the leaders in this effort, to break down the creation of ResidencyCAS, plans for its implementation starting in the 2024-2025 application cycle, and the reaction of the Ob/Gyn and medical education communities to this change.

Learning Objectives
1.     Listeners will describe current challenges to applicants and programs in the residency application process.
2.     Listeners will identify the coming changes to the Ob/Gyn residency application process, with awareness of the planned design and use of the ResidencyCAS system.
3.     Listeners will describe the value of potential changes to the residency application process.
4.     Listeners will explain the barriers and efforts required to coordinate large-scale changes within medical education like the creation and implementation of ResidencyCAS.
5.     Listeners will consider how changes to the residency application process could affect and improve their own field, program, or application.

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