Clinical Challenges in Surgical Education: Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

EP. 483Apr. 18, 202235:04
Surgical Education
Surgical Education
EPAs are coming in 2023. This isn’t about your carbon emissions, but it will dramatically impact surgery training programs. Join Drs. Karen Brasel, Jeremy Lipman, Judith French, and Amy Han as they discuss Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and how they will change the way we assess trainees.

Learning Objectives
1.     Listeners will be able to define entrustable professional activities (EPAs) within the context of competency-based education during General Surgery residency training
2.     Listeners will be able to understand the impetus behind adopting EPA assessments for surgical trainees. 
3.     Listeners will be able to interpret and apply EPA assessment data based on the discussion of the example scenarios.

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Lindeman B, Brasel K, Minter RM, Buyske J, Grambau M, Sarosi G. A Phased Approach: The General Surgery Experience Adopting Entrustable Professional Activities in the United States. Acad Med. 2021;96(7S):S9-S13.

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