Clinical Challenges in Minimally Invasive Surgery: MIS in the Pregnant Patient

EP. 677Nov. 16, 202339:45
Minimally Invasive
Minimally Invasive
If you operate for long enough, chances are you will come across the unique, and potentially daunting scenario of operating on a pregnant patient. If, and when, you do, would you know what to do? Join University of Washington and MIS faculty Drs. Andrew Wright, Nicole White, and Nick Cetrulo, and residents Drs. Ben Vierra and Paul Herman as they discuss non-obstetric surgery in the pregnant patient so that you will be better informed when the challenge arises.

1. Andrew Wright, UW Medical Center—Montlake and Northwest, @andrewswright
2. Nick Cetrulo, UW Medical Center—Northwest, @Trules25
3. Nicole White, UW Medical Center—Northwest, @NicoleWhiteTho1
4. Paul Herman, UW General Surgery Resident PGY-3, @paul_herm
5. Ben Vierra, UW General Surgery Resident PGY-2

Learning Objectives
1. Describe important physiologic changes in pregnancy that are relevant for the surgeon to know.
2. Review the epidemiology of non-obstetric general surgery in the pregnant patient.
3. Discuss specific imaging considerations in the pregnant patient.
4. Become more familiar with the technical aspects of approaching a typical surgical case in a pregnant patient.

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