Clinical Challenges in Hernia Surgery: Specialization in Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery

EP. 612Apr. 17, 202327:09
Hernias are some of the most common problems treated by general surgeons. The field of abdominal wall surgery has rapidly evolved as a result of innovation and the development of new techniques. In this podcast, Drs. Charlotte Horne and Jenny Shao join Vahagn Nikolian to discuss their decision to pursue careers as abdominal wall specialists, the role that hernia surgeons play in modern day surgical programs, and the pathway to becoming a hernia surgeon. 
·       Dr. Charlotte Horne is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Pennsylvania State University.
·       Dr. Jenny Shao is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan.
·       Dr. Vahagn Nikolian is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Oregon Health & Science University.

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