Clinical Challenges in Endocrine Surgery: Genetic Testing for Thyroid Cancer

EP. 417Nov. 11, 202155:48
In this episode from the Endocrine Surgery team at BTK we discuss the clinical applications of genetic testing for thyroid cancer. We walk through three cases of thyroid nodules and discuss why and how genetic testing can guide surgical and medical management. As usual we review key points such as imaging criteria for thyroid nodules, the Bethesda system for thyroid cytopathology, and MEN syndromes. We also go into a more nuanced discussion of how progress in genetic testing has led to more variability in management options. 
Dr. Michael Yeh is a Professor of Surgery at UCLA and serves as Section Chief of the UCLA Endocrine Surgery program which he established. 

Dr. Masha Livhits is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at UCLA and works in the Endocrine Surgery Department 

Dr. James Wu is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at UCLA and works in the Endocrine Surgery Department 

Dr. Rivfka Shenoy is a PGY-5 General Surgery Resident at UCLA who has completed two years of research 

Dr. Vivek Sant is an Endocrine Surgery Fellow at UCLA in his first year of fellowship

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