Clinical Challenges in Emergency General Surgery: Complicated Pancreatitis

EP. 693Dec. 14, 202339:06
Emergency General Surgery
Emergency General Surgery
Join our Emergency General Surgery team as we talk about a popular and controversial issue in surgery: dealing with complicated cases in pancreatitis. We discuss two hard-hitting cases and cover principles of diagnosis, early management and disposition, and things to look out for every step of the way.

We cover some common and some rare but particularly problematic complications. Although there is no right answer to every case of pancreatitis, we try to help learners to develop an approach to pancreatitis that considers the morbidity and benefits of every option.

Hosts: Drs. Ashlie Nadler, Jordan Nantais and Graham Skelhorne-Gross

Learning Objectives:
- Review the diagnostic criteria for acute pancreatitis
- Learn to anticipate common and major complications of acute pancreatitis
- Develop an approach to complications of pancreatitis accounting for patient, family, practitioner, and institutional factors
- Understand the risks and benefits of various methods for dealing with pancreatic necrosis and infection

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