Clinical Challenges in Colorectal Surgery: Lynch Syndrome

EP. 488May. 05, 202243:45

You are faced with a young patient with an advanced colon cancer. You suspect Lynch syndrome. He asks if he should undergo total colectomy as opposed to segmental colectomy. How do you approach such a patient? 

Join Dr. Carole Richard, Dr. François Dagbert and Dr. Maher Al Khaldi in their conversation about Lynch syndrome, also known as Hereditary Non-polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC). 

Learning objectives 
-       To understand the rationale for universal testing for MMR deficiency of newly diagnosed colorectal cancers. 
-       To know when to recommend screening for CRC for patients with LS and to those who have undergone resection  
-       To understand the prevalence of cancers other than CRCs associated with Lynch syndrome, especially endometrial cancer. 

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