Clinical Challenges in Cardiac Surgery: Mitral Valve Disease

EP. 724Feb. 15, 202425:15
We know cardiac surgery can seem a bit daunting on the surface. However, most surgeons will come across cardiac surgery patients at some point whether in the OR, ICU, ED, etc. As the FIRST cardiac surgery specialty team for Behind the Knife, we are excited to bring you episodes focused on high-yield topics to help you navigate common cardiac surgery challenges, discuss relevant literature to help you in practice, and help our listeners feel more comfortable around cardiac surgery patients. 

In this episode we’ll discuss mitral valve disease. We’ll review important physiologic differences in patients with mitral valve disease, the most common surgical approaches to address mitral valve disease, and how to work up and address acute mitral regurgitation due to acute papillary muscle rupture. 

- Jessica Millar, MD- PGY-5 General Surgery Resident, University of Michigan, @Jess_Millar15
- Aaron William, MD- Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellow, Duke University, @AMWilliamsMD
- Nick Teman, MD- Assistant Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Virginia, @nickteman

Learning objectives:
- Understand the physiologic differences that occur with mitral valve stenosis and regurgitation. 
- Understand the basic principles of mitral valve repair and replacement strategies. 
- Understand the presentation, work-up, and acute management of acute mitral valve regurgitations due to acute papillary muscle rupture/MI.  

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