Episode 490

Cardiac Xenotransplantation

EP. 490 •

May 12, 2022

• 30 MIN

Cardiac Xenotransplantation


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In January 2022, the University of Maryland Medical Center performed the world’s first transplant involving a genetically modified animal heart. Join Behind the Knife as we discuss this significant transplant milestone with the 2 surgeons who led this historic case – Dr. Bartley Griffith and Dr. Muhammad M. Mohiuddin! Dr. Bartley Griffith is the Thomas E. and Alice Marie Hales Distinguished Professor in Transplant Surgery at UMSOM. Dr. Muhammad Mohiuddin is a Professor of Surgery at UMSOM and established the Cardiac Xenotransplantation Program with Dr. Griffith, the first in the United States.  Tune in to learn about the history of xenotransplantation and the barriers that have been overcome to make xenotransplantation a reality.

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