BTK Vascular Surgery Oral Board Review – Sample Episode 2 - Lower Extremity Trauma

EP. 598Feb. 27, 202326:34
Our Vascular Surgery Oral Board Audio Review includes 72 high-yield scenarios that cover the majority of the VSCORE topics designed for Vascular Surgeons by Vascular Surgeons.  
Scenarios are 5 to 7 minutes long and include a variety of tactics and styles. If you are able to achieve this level of performance in your preparation you are sure to pass the oral exam with flying colors. The second part introduces high-yield commentary to each scenario. This commentary includes tips and tricks to help you dominate the most challenging scenarios in addition to practical, easy-to-understand teaching that covers the most confusing topics we face as vascular surgeons. We are confident you will find this unique, dual format approach a highly effective way to prepare for the test.

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