Episode 475

BIG T Trauma Series Ep. 14 – ED Thoracotomy: The Who

EP. 475 •

Mar 21, 2022

• 37 MIN

BIG T Trauma Series Ep. 14 – ED Thoracotomy: The Who


A trauma patient rolls into the bay.  CPR started 10 minutes ago.  They are pulseless, the entire trauma team is looking to you for leadership, and the thoracotomy tray is prepped and ready.  Do you pick up the knife and cut?  

Welcome back to the BIG T TRAUMA series.  Join Drs. Patrick Georgoff, Teddy Puzio, and Jason Brill for a high-level discussion on the one surgical procedure that trumps them all – the ED thoracotomy.  This is episode 1 of 2.  In episode 1 we discuss who should get an ED thoracotomy and in episode 2 we cover how to do it.   

Listen to learn about the guidelines, signs of life, ultrasound, survival, and when NOT to do an ED thoracotomy.   

WakeMed Blunt Pulseless Trauma Resuscitation Guideline: https://www.wakemed.org/assets/documents/general-surgery-guidelines/trauma-guidelines/blunt-pulseless-arrest.pdf 

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