Best Case Worst Case Tool: Scenario Planning with Dr. Gretchen Schwarze

EP. 380Jun. 24, 202148:09
Palliative Care+2
Palliative Care+2
On this episode we talk about an extremely important topic - end of life care and decision making.  We are lucky to be joined by Dr. Gretchen Schwarze, Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Dr. Schwarze is the creator of the Best Case Worst Case tool, an incredibly useful resource.  The Best Case Worse Case tool helps improve communication between older patients and their surgeons so that patients can avoid unwanted treatment and make decisions that align with their values, preferences, and goals.  As most of our listeners know, these conversations are not easy.  Tune in and learn how to do better.  

The Patient Preferences Project:

Managing Uncertainty — Harnessing the Power of Scenario Planning: