Are we failing our patients? Ventral hernia recurrence with Drs. Todd Heniford and Michael Rosen

EP. 753May. 27, 202401:10:23
Join Drs. Jason Bingham (@BinghamMd) and Patrick Georgoff (@georgoff) for a thought-provoking discussion with titans of hernia surgery Drs. Todd Heniford (@THeniford) and Michael Rosen (@MikeRosenMD).  You don't want to miss this one!  This episode goes deep, touching on some of the most vexing questions in the world of abdominal wall reconstruction.  

  • Hernia is chronic disease process.  Surgeons should act like it and patients need to understand this.  
  • Follow-up data is hard to come by and therefore limited.  Studies must be interpreted with this in mind.
  • Hernia surgery is sexy, which is both exciting and concerning.
  • "Technology is not useful until it is boring."  New techniques and devices can hurt patients.  
  • Complicated hernias should be sent to hernia centers.  Otherwise, general surgeons are more than capable of doing the repair.
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