Episode 212

#APSA50: Top Educational Content

EP. 212 •

May 29, 2019

• 74 MIN

#APSA50: Top Educational Content


Woo Do (@woosongdo) and Meghana Kashyap (@PubMEG) cover the American Pediatric Surgical Association’s 50th Anniversary Meeting. In this episode, we hear from leaders showcasing the Journal of Pediatric Surgery (@jpedsurg) Top Educational Content (TEC): – Dr. David Powell (pedsurglibrary.com) on 2018’s TEC – Dr. Aaron Jensen (@arjensenmd) on pediatric cervical spine management – Dr. Shawn Rangel (@ShawnRangelMD) on antibiotic stewardship – Dr. Samir Gadepalli (@SamirGadepalli) on sepsis as a surgical problem

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