Episode 211

#APSA50: Academic Surgery and Resident Autonomy

EP. 211 •

May 28, 2019

• 31 MIN

#APSA50: Academic Surgery and Resident Autonomy


Woo (@woosongdo) and Meghana (@PubMEG) sit down with Dr. Allan Goldstein (@MGHPedisurg) to talk about the surgeon-scientist and how a young surgeon can become a successful academic surgeon (https://t.co/PJdjl0BQyP). Dr. Todd Ponsky (@tponsky) talks about the development of the Stay Current in Pediatric Surgery app and podcast as a means to digest all the information out there, and provides a contrasting opinion about social media’s utility in academia. Finally, Dr. Ron Hirschl (@Ronstoppable) provides insight into how he brought APSA’s 50th Anniversary Meeting into the 21st century and how his program is working on resident/fellow autonomy.

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