Annals of Surgery: Leadership in American Surgery, Women are rising to the top

EP. 197Feb. 25, 201929:13
Career Development
Career Development
Join us for the 6th episode of our Journal Club with Annals of Surgery. This time we interview Dr. Susan Pories, of Harvard Medical School and Mt. Auburn Hospital, about her paper: Leadership in American Surgery: Women are Rising to the Top, coming out in Annals in February 2019. Coauthored with Drs. Patricia Turner, Caprice Greenberg, Maya Babu, and Sareh Parangi, the paper describes the rapid ascent of women surgeons to the highest leadership positions in American surgery.   BTK listeners can access their paper free of charge here: Join us as we discuss this exciting time for women in surgery, and what we need to do next to make surgical leadership as diverse and representative as possible.