Annals of Surgery- Kaafarani et al.

EP. 176Sep. 09, 201826:53
General Surgery
General Surgery

This is the second episode of our journal club series with Annals of Surgery.  In this episode, Dr. Kaafarani will discuss his recent paper "Surgical Risk Is Not Linear: Derivation and Validation of a Novel, User-friendly, and Machine-learning-based Predictive OpTimal Trees in Emergency Surgery Risk (POTTER) Calculator," presented at the 2018 meeting of the American Surgical Association and recently published in Annals of Surgery. 

  The full text is currently available online, free of charge for Behind the Knife listeners:    Episode hosts: Shreya Gupta (@shrey3467), Meghana Kashyap (@pubMEG), Karan Chhabra (@krchhabra)

You can download the calculator following this link: