Episode 58

#58: TCCACS Day 3 with Dr. Demetriades

EP. 58 •

Mar 23, 2016

• 42 MIN

#58: TCCACS Day 3 with Dr. Demetriades


We are in the beautiful Las Vegas joined by EAST Traumacast covering the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference headed by Dr. Mattox who invited us to come down and talk to faculty, attendees, and highlight the day’s events.

During the last day of the conference we, first, had the opportunity to sit down with the great Dr. Demetrios Demetriades to discuss the management of the open abdomen.  Certainly don’t want to miss this discussion!

In addition, we speak with Drs. Alexander Eastman, Andrew Bernard, and R. Todd Maxson about the new Hartford Consensus, narcotic management in our trauma patients, and massive transfusion in pediatrics.  Really great overview!


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