Episode 55

#55: Kenji Inaba Part 2: Neck Trauma

EP. 55 •

Mar 15, 2016

• 38 MIN

#55: Kenji Inaba Part 2: Neck Trauma


Part 2/2 with Dr. Kenji Inaba discussing the difficult topic of neck trauma.  Dr. Inaba walks two lackadaisical residents (Donald Moe and John McClellan) through the evaluation of neck trauma and then Dr. Matthew Martin returns for a further in depth discussion on the debated topics surrounding penetrating neck injuries.  We haven’t heard a better description about this topic yet!

BTK will be also attending the Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery conference in Las Vegas on March 21-23 giving you daily updates and interviewing prominent surgeons!  Send us your specific trauma questions to ask the faculty!

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